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Keep the Heat

Difficulty: Difficulty: 2 Expense: Expense: 2 Savings: 240 lbs CO2 / $15 Bookmark and Share

Add a blanket to your water heater tank and insulate your pipes to keep your hot water, well, hot!

Why You Should Do It

Touch your water heater's tank - is it warm to the touch?  That's a sign that you're losing precious heat and paying more to keep your water at the right temperature.  Adding a water heater jacket can reduce those standby heat losses by 25% - 45%!  Insulating your pipes can also keep your hot water an extra 4ºF hotter than uninsulated pipes, so you won't have to wait as long for hot water when you need it.

What It Costs

You can find a water heater blanket at most hardware and larger box stores for $20-$30, and often 6ft of self-sealing pipe insulation costs under $1.

How to Do It

  1. Feel your water heater tank for warmth or check to see if it has less than R-24 of insulation.

  2. Vist your favorite local hardware or big box store and pick up a water heater blanket and self-sealing pipe insulation.

  3. Find a helper for the installation.

  4. Congratulate yourself on saving energy and making a difference for Minnesota!


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