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Meet TOLBY®!

Hi friends! My name is TOLBY– that stands for “Turn Off Lights Behind You.” I’m a little different than those other fireflies because I love to save energy! When I first started flying around, I got tired quickly because it took too much energy to keep my light on. So I got a new light! My new light is called a “compact fluorescent light bulb” and like me, it has a shorter name: CFL. A CFL uses less energy so now I can fly around to visit my friends and stay bright for a long time without getting tired.

I like doing things that save energy because it helps keep the earth healthy – and it’s FUN! I like to help all my friends save energy too, so we can all be super energy savers together. My friends at the Minnesota Energy Challenge made me this fun website so I can tell my favorite stories about how to save energy and stay bright.

I would love to hear all of the ways that you are saving energy at home and school, with your family and friends. I also know that saving energy can be confusing sometimes. I love notes from all of my wonderful energy saving friends – so if you have any questions, you can email me at!

Check TOLBY and Emma out on the energy efficiency Sustainability Man episode!


Tolby’s Action Guide

Just a few of the fun and easy things you can do with your family, friends, and schools to save energy, money and the environment.

You Have the Power
Set your computer’s power management settings for maximum savings.

Try Composting
Give composting a whirl and turn waste into dirt.

Get on the Bus
Leave your car at home and take the bus once a week for work, school or errands.

Five is Just Fine
Take five minute showers for squeaky-clean energy savings.

Flip the Switch
Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use to stop costly electricity leaks.

Ditch the Car
Combine trips, walk or bike for some extra exercise and energy savings.

Do the Twist
Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs that use 75% less electricity and last 7-10 times longer.

Give Recycling a Try
Recycle the basics – newspapers bottles and cans – to reduce your home’s environmental impact and keep usable materials out of landfills.

Color in the Savings
Print out our free Energy Challenge coloring sheets to show off your knowledge and art skills at the same time.

Bring the Challenge to School
Promote the Energy Challenge at your school to build your team and save energy.

Sign an Agreement
Turn energy savings into a fun family activity with our energy saving agreement