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About the TOLBY® Program

The TOLBY® program is a free interactive and memorable energy efficiency education resource for youth in grades 1st through 5th. The program features a 40 minute in-class visit, and pre and post supporting activities. The program also aligns with Minnesota State Science Standards.

Step One: Schedule The Visit

To schedule your free visit contact Emma at 612-335-5852 or

During the visit we give an interactive presentation on energy and TOLBY plays an energy quiz game with students.

Step Two: Pre-Visit Activity

To best prepare your students for a TOLBY visit, conduct one of our pre-visit activities. The activities teach students energy basics and appropriate vocabulary to help them get the most out of their time with TOLBY.

Step Three: Post-Visit Activity

Conducting a post-visit activity helps students apply their knowledge and helps you transition to your next unit or learning objective.

Note: Before and after lessons are optional, but strongly suggested. They help students develop a more complete understanding of energy and energy efficiency.

State Science Standards

All levels of the TOLBY program are designed to align with Minnesota State Science Standards.

What Students Learn

Through the TOLBY program students learn facts surrounding energy basics such as kinetic and potential energy, electricity sources, electricity use, and conservation actions. Specifically the program covers:

  • Types of energy (ex: light, heat, growth)
  • Sources of electricity, and percentage of use
  • How fossil fuels are made with a focus on coal
  • Transmission of electricity to our homes
  • Explanation of why reducing electricity use is good
  • Simple energy conservation actions to do at home and school


The TOLBY program is administered by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE), an energy non-profit in Minneapolis.